Serving as a Parish Liaison


A parish liaison serves as the contact between the parish and the diocese by:


• Requesting and replenishing Project Rachel posters, brochures, and business cards and placing them in areas “designated by your pastor” such as:


• bulletin boards

• kiosks

• women’s and men’s restrooms

• confessionals


• Promoting and encouraging the message of hope and healing that the Church extends to those wounded by abortion in the parish.



Our hope is that parish liaisons will serve as advocates in parishes by promoting the message of mercy and forgiveness.  Most people know the Catholic Church’s stand on Pro-Life Issues, but many do not know of the Church’s compassion for post-abortive women and men.  As communities of faith, God is calling each of us as individuals and collectively as parishes to be channels of healing and restoration.


Serving as a Liaison at your business, agency, or special interest group:


If you would like to support the efforts of this ministry at your business, agency, or special interest group by providing information on Project Rachel, we will gladly supply you with posters and business cards. Alternately, you can find download-able materials in the resources section of this site. Please check with the appropriate person for permission to display the materials first before contacting us.


Suggested areas to place materials:


• bulletin boards

• kiosks

• women’s and men’s restrooms



You can be a voice that spreads the truth!



If you would like to promote Project Rachel in your parish, please first contact your pastor and ask for permission to serve as a liaison. Once you have approval, please contact:


 Allison Sturm


 [email protected]