Role of a Companion


The role of a companion is to walk this journey with the individual and to help facilitate his or her healing.  For the women and men who reach out to Project Rachel Ministries, this may or may not be their first time they have spoken of their abortion experience.  Your presence offers a “safe place” for these women and men to share their story by allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings freely without the fear of being judged or condemned. This is an important task because for many, you may represent the first encounter they have had with the Church in a long time.


While there are certain steps that are essential in the journey towards emotional and spiritual healing after abortion, the companion allows the man or woman to guide the pace and sequence of these steps. You honor their dignity by allowing them to experience what is needed and by providing the time and space needed to do so. If it becomes apparent that the woman or man is in need of professional counseling, you may be able to continue your role as a companion while she or he is seeing a therapist if that is deemed appropriate.


If you feel that you are being called to serve as a companion, then you can begin the process by filling out the Volunteer Application and speaking to your pastor.  You will also need to provide one additional reference. All applicants will be contacted by a member of Project Rachel Ministries after your application has been received and your recommendation from your pastor and reference verified. All volunteers who wish to serve as companions must complete training.


Thank you for your desire to serve in this ministry. You can be the light for a woman or man wounded by abortion through your care and compassion.



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