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Men and Abortion


Men who have fathered children who were aborted commonly experience stress. Through denial, some men block the natural process of grieving and dealing with the death of their unborn children. Some symptoms men may experience due to the stress caused by abortion are:


Guilt/shame                Sense of Loss

Instability in relationships with women

Sleeplessness/bad dreams/nightmares

Control Issues

Inability to bond with children and/or mate

Lack of confidence or unexplainable anxieties


Fear of failure or fear of rejection

Anger, rage, and often abusive behavior

Substance abuse/alcohol/addictions

Uncontrollable rage                 Loneliness or numbness

Sexual dysfunctions/worry over manhood

Healing a Father's Heart


"Men do grieve following abortion, but they are more likely to deny their grief...rather than openly express it...When men do express their grief, they try to do so in culturally prescribed 'masculine' ways, for example anger, aggressiveness, control. Men typically grieve in a private way following an abortion...A guilt-ridden, tormented male does not easily love or accept love...his denial of himself and his relentless feelings of post-abortion emptiness can nullify even the best of intentions.”

~Vincent Rue, The Effects of Abortion on Men, Ethics and medics 21 (4):3, 1996.




Millions of men have lost children by abortion. Don’t allow lost fatherhood to remain a hidden experience governed by shame, guilt and thoughts of “what might have been." The connection between the abortion and your pain is real. It is possible for men to be released from the harmful consequences of a past abortion and to experience peace and healing.




Project Rachel allows you to move towards reconciliation with yourself, your unborn child, your family, your Church, and your God.



For more information, including testimonies from men, visit www.menandabortion.info


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